penthouse view west


Cadiz, three millennium old city, He has witnessed the passage of different cultures that have left many traces, It reflected today in the monumentality and artistic and cultural richness and variety of traditions and customs. Strolling through the narrow streets and squares of the old town becomes a pleasure that heightens all the senses and makes discover something new every day, something unknown that has always been there.

But if something remains unchanged, It is its natural beauty and its opening to the sea. The character of its people and more than 3.000 daylight hours per year. Mild temperatures - above 10 degrees in winter and around 25 in summer average — They make this city a tourist attraction of first kind, with urban sandy beaches lapped by the Atlantic Ocean.

Culinary wealth is another attraction of this city, where there variety and quality of the products, mainly seafood served in a wide range of snack bars, restaurants and bars.

The Holy Week, one of the religious festivals live with fervor, It offers a rich picture of Cadiz imagery, while as a pagan festival par excellence Carnival highlights, declared of International Tourist Interest.

All this makes Cadiz in a friendly city and friendly, quiet and surprising where everything is at your fingertips. Cádiz invites you to live.