Street Company

Company Street, between the squares of La Catedral and Las Flores, commercial ring is part of the old town. Its plurality and diversity and invites you to walk into their stores, where you can find essential items, pharmaceutical products, Gifts & Crafts, perfumeries, jewelry, fashion and footwear stores, all on a narrow pedestrian street where you feel the swarming of people walking the urban core trading hours.

This downtown street, formerly Prim, franchises are mixed with shops and traditional establishments that remain despite the passing of the years. This is the case of local Serafin, specializing in the sale of knives, o del bar Brim, opened in 1956 and where you can taste one of the best cafes in town. The tight Maria del Carmen, Vasconia shoes and oven-patisserie family Bustelo, of 1804, They are also the most traditional business and permanence of the street Company.

Since ancient times, the street was called the College of the Society of Jesus. In 1652 Y 1674 It appears with the name of the company and vulgarly for the year 1696 It was called Rufo. In 1855, the reform of the gazetteer, He became is known as street Támara, in honor of the professor of Humanities gaditano mid XVI century and finally, the 6 June 1871, Cadiz City Council agrees to label the street name Prim, in memory of the Spanish general and liberal politician killed almost a year before.
Among other curiosities, Company Street is called "good shade street" because it has no number 13.