La Finca

The property is located in a building of six storeys high (attic floor plus four) with lift. Are arranged in the low commercial, while in the four following plants are located two houses in each and the last, an attic.

The farm is situated in the heart of Old Cadiz, next to the Church of Santiago, about 60 meters from the Cathedral, on a pedestrian street, very close to the places of Candelaria, of Flowers, Post, Central Market and the commercial circuit walk, with shops and catering establishments of all kinds. The main facade faces Northeast.

Bright building noted for its rich architectural predominantly residential architecture Cadiz, with vestibule, patio and stairs that characterize the house yard. The fa├žade responds to the original composition of the nineteenth century, highlighting a center balconada, topped side closings, so that each plant has four holes that overlook the street Company. All homes have windows and stairs out the back and overlook a courtyard 300 square meters belonging to the Seminary of St. Bartholomew. The central part of the property is occupied by a courtyard with veranda which supplies light the inside of the housing through a glass gallery typical of the old buildings of the old town of Cadiz.

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